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What is a Building Designer?

Of course, the simple answer is that Building Designers design buildings, but in fact there is much more to what has become the profession of building design.

The BDA estimates that 75-80% of residential work is currently designed by Building Designers. These figures appear to be consistent with the findings of other groups.

Building Designers have “grown up” from the drafting services, which served the building industry so well in the 1970s and 1980s. These people had gained a reputation of providing practical designs. They were known to “listen” to the client and design what the client actually wanted.

The Building Designer has changed over the years. Since the 1980s they have become more professional and organised, both individually and as a group, but have still maintained the practical qualities that have always proved attractive to clients.

Why use a Building Designer?

A Building Designer can assess the strengths and weaknesses of your building site and your existing home, in the case of an addition or renovation. Based on this information, they can then discuss with you how your required outcomes can best be achieved.

The architectural style you prefer, the budget for the project and the configuration of the required rooms, are all critical considerations for your Building Designer.

Using this information, a home designed specifically to your requirements can be created.

Often custom designed homes are just as economical to construct as project homes, with the overall area of the home being slightly reduced due, to the incorporation of clever design principles.

A home that has been designed to address all of the elements of it’s particular site, will be more enjoyable to live in and will ultimately be a better financial investment for your future.

Alterations and Additions

Building Design with style
Your local Building Designer will provide innovative solutions to the challenges of renovating or extending your home.

New Residences

House Plans and creative ideas
Our Professional Building Designers can assist you to create the perfect new home, specifically designed for your needs.

Multi-Residential Projects

Building Design with experience and skill
A Building Designer will utilise cost effective design to maximise the profitability of your project.

Town Houses

Urban Living needs style

A local Building Designer member will provide local solutions, within your budget, for the medium density needs of your area.

Commercial Spaces

Building or Interior Design creativity
Update that Commercial space; a local Professional Building Designer will tailor your requirements to the needs of your customers.

Industrial Projects

Industrial Buildings should look good too!
A Building Designer can provide the right cost effective design to maximise the profitability of your business.

Selecting a Building Designer

The design is likely to be the most important part of the building project that you are about to embark on. Selecting the right designer is the key to achieving a successful building project.

Selecting your building designer is pretty much like selecting any of the professionals that are part of your life.

The first step is to use the MyDesigner website as a tool to locate local Building Designers, who specialises in the scale and type of project you are considering undertaking. After reviewing and comparing the individual Design Firm’s profiles, it will be easy to select a firm, or even several firms, that you would like to discuss your project with.

The first consideration, when making contact with your Designer, is to assess if you have found someone who you can communicate with easily, who listens to you and who will offer constructive advice that enhances what you have in mind.

Choosing a Building Designer who is listed on this website, ensures that they are a member of the Building Designers Association. Member are kept up to date with all the latest information and products and are bound by a code of ethics to offer quality service and good design.



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